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Company Overview

Tensitron is a KTC Instruments Company, founded in 1935, which designs, manufactures, sells, and services digital, mechanical and electronic tension measuring instrumentation. Its products are used in many different industries and companies for a variety of quality-control purposes. We are recognized as the leading provider of superior precision tension meters and tension measuring instrumentation used world-wide in manufacturing and test facilities.

As the original equipment manufacturer, virtually all of Tensitron’s products are stock items. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Tensitron’s state-of-the-art facility provides services and support for its instrumentation. We provide prompt, highly-skilled, knowledgeable and personalized customer service and support to our existing and new customers.

A KTC Instruments Company

Tensitron was acquired by KTC Instruments in 2019. Both Tensitron and King Tester are proud to have crafted quality instruments in the USA since the 1930s. 

Tensitron History

Tensitron, formerly known as Saxl Instrument Company, was established in 1935 by Dr. Erwin J. Saxl, a well-known physicist. He designed instrumentation for the developing mechanized textile industries that could precisely measure tension, thereby providing a way to ensure product quality and consistency. Dr. Saxl was the inventor of, and held numerous patents on, the first tension meters.

As technology advanced, so did Tensitron’s instruments. By the late 1940s and into the 1950s Tensitron had already designed and offered specific instrumentation to such diverse industries as: Wire, Filament, Paper Converting, Coil Winding, Aviation, and both Government and Civilian research facilities worldwide. Subsequent years saw the introduction of instrumentation for Fiber Optics, EDM Manufacturing, Aerospace, and other technologically demanding industries. Today, whether you’re working in high temperature, high torr environments or simply needing to meet stringent ISO and QS requirements, Tensitron is here to help.

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