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Calibration & Service

Maintain your Tensitron manufactured meters and devices

Phone Number:

+1 (303) 702-1980


Tensitron has designed, manufactured, and serviced our products for over 80 years. We are the experts in keeping your Tensitron instruments in top working condition at a reasonable price.

Why choose Tensitron to service your instruments?

  • Fast turnaround. Most instruments are serviced and returned within a week.
  • Specialized service. The same experienced technicians who build the instruments, service and recalibrate them. Traceable. A NIST-traceable certificate is provided with each instrument.

What does service cost and what does it include?

Each service includes annual recalibration, completely dismantling, cleaning, rebuilding, calibrating, and certifying your meter.

Standard digital tension meter service: $249.
Standard TR and ACM mechanical tension meter service: $289

NOTE: If any additional parts, services, or documents are needed, an increase in charges may apply.

How do you send your instrument for service?

Submit the Technical Inquiry below with all necessary information regarding your device. Once submitted, the information will be relayed to our service team and we will contact you shortly. No RMA number is required.

Technical Inquiry

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