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Calibration & Service

Maintain your Tensitron manufactured meters and devices

Phone Number:

+1 (303) 702-1980


Tensitron has designed, manufactured, and serviced our products for over 80 years. We are the experts in keeping your Tensitron instruments in top working condition at a reasonable price.

Why choose Tensitron to service your instruments?

  • Fast turnaround
  • Specialized service - The same experienced technicians who build the instruments, service and recalibrate them.
  • Expedited service - Available upon request for an additional fee.
  • Traceable - A NIST traceable certificate is provided with each instrument.

What does service cost and what does it include?

Each service includes annual recalibration, completely dismantling, cleaning, rebuilding, calibrating, and certifying your meter.

Standard digital tension meter service: $259
Standard TR and ACM mechanical tension meter service: $299

NOTE: If any additional parts, services, or documents are needed, an increase in charges may apply.

How do you send your instrument for service?

  • Complete on-line service form
  • No RMA number required.
  • Package meter and ship to:

    2011 Ken Pratt Blvd.
    Suite 210
    Longmont, CO 80501

  • Important Service Notes - Effective 2/1/24

    • Additional Parts, Service or Documents: Please be aware if any additional parts, services, or documents are required for your meter at time of service, an increase in charges may apply. We will notify you of any such requirements before proceeding.

    • Storage Fee: A Storage Fee of $25 will be applied if your meter remains at our facility for more than 30 days (from date of estimate to date of *approval received). After the initial 30 days, a weekly storage fee of $10. will be added for each subsequent week (partial or full week) your meter remains at our facility. If a Storage Fee is assessed, an updated PO or payment reflecting the additional storage fee must be received before meter is serviced.
    • *“Approval received” is defined as a PO or a Payment received.

    • Service Refusal: When you send in your meter for service and/or calibration and you choose not to proceed with the required service, an Evaluation Fee of $100 will be assessed and billed to your account. The Evaluation Fee and shipping fee must be paid in advance before shipping the meter back to you.

    • Abandoned Meter: Meter will be considered “abandoned” by customer if no communication is received from customer within six (6) months of time of customer receiving estimate. Abandoned meters will be discarded by Tensitron Service.