Tensitron is pleased to announce recent additions to the Tensitron team: Dan McDade to the position of Sales Support in the Sales and Marketing departments and Allen Buckley to the position of Apprentice Technician in the Production and Service department.

A Pennsylvania native, Dan has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. His experience includes marketing to increase ROI and drive top-line revenue for a construction company and developing and managing sales for a commercial insurance firm. In his free time, Dan likes to hike, play basketball, and listen to The Rolling Stones. Dan believes “there are many ways of moving forward, but only one way of standing still.” [Franklin D. Roosevelt]

A Navy/Coast Guard veteran, Allen has an associate’s degree in aircraft repair and maintenance from Redstone College. His experience includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of electric, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment and also of programmable logic circuits. Allen lives in Longmont with his family.

Tensitron has been manufacturing precision tension measuring instruments since 1935. All Tensitron instruments are built, serviced, and calibrated by our experienced team at our factory near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA. Contact us for prompt, knowledgeable customer service and support or for personalized advice for selecting the ideal meter for your application.