Fabric and Web Tension Meter

Ensure consistency in your manufacturing process with the Tensitron WX-1 tension meter. Measure the tension of wide, flexible, flat materials with thickness up to 1/8 inch. Use the WX-1 gauge to control quality for paper, film, plastic sheets, fabric, web, loom beams, metal foils, or winding electrical condensers.


  • Quick, easy operation
  • Measures up to 10 different materials.
  • Durable construction
  • Readings are obtained regardless of meter position.
  • Measures flat materials, 8” wide or more
  • Measures moving or stationary materials
  • Tension ranges from 1 lb. to 2,000 lb.
  • Backlit, digital display with color-bar graphic
  • Selectable units (lb., kg, or daN)
  • Data storage and statistics
  • Analog or serial output (optional)
  • Measures from the side of the material using contact rollers at the end of 4″ extensions
  • Includes carrying case and NIST-traceable calibration certificate

Several models are available. Click HERE to select the best WX-1 meter for your needs.

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