Tensitron awarded ACX-1 digital tension meters to the top schools at the 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition.

Hundreds of present and future maintenance professionals demonstrated their expertise in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition at MRO Americas in Atlanta April 9 to 11. Eighty teams representing commercial airlines, general aviation, military, repair and manufacturing, educational institutions, and space participated in 30 events.

The Aerospace Maintenance Competition provides an opportunity for present and future maintenance professionals to test their abilities against their peers. Teams are comprised of team members who complete various maintenance events that test skills and knowledge required for an aviation maintenance technician.

Tensitron ACX-1 digital aircraft cable tension meters were used by teams during the Boeing Cable Rigging Event in the competition.

After the competition, Tensitron awarded ACX-1 tension meters to the top two schools in the Overall School Category. The Embry-Riddle University team took first place, and the team from West Los Angeles College placed second.

Tensitron ACX-1 digital aircraft cable tension meters are the fastest, easiest way to verify accurate cable tension. Designed for the needs of aviation MRO providers, they are used in aviation worldwide to improve safety and reduce costs.

If you were not able to see ACX-1 tension meters demonstrated at our booth or used during the competition, take a look at this video to see the ACX-1 tension meter in action.

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