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ACX Meter

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Anduril Industries is a pioneering company that builds cutting-edge hardware and software products that utilize artificial intelligence. Their sensor fusion technology is designed to operate at full capacity in autonomous systems to solve complex national security threats in remote areas. Anduril builds surveillance towers that can be rapidly deployed and sustained with minimal maintenance and are powered by solar panels. Their towers are equipped with the latest sensor technology relaying critical data to end users. Support cables are used on the surveillance towers to dampen the effect of wind vibration ensuring that the data sent is clean. Anduril customers need 24/7 reliability in the field.

Critical Tension

The support cables must be properly tensioned to avoid wind damage. If the cables have slack, it can cause unwanted wind vibration. Over-tensioning the maximum load on cables can cause a failure. Anduril needed a small, lightweight, and simple method for measuring the tension.

Tensitron Solution

A search for a tension measurement device led them to the Tensitron ACX-250-1 tension meter. This hand-held meter provides precise measurement of cable tension with an accuracy of +/-2%. A technician can use it one-handed to test support cable tension in seconds. Anduril’s towers are often set up in remote locations, and the small hand-held gauges were the clear choice for ease of use and accuracy in testing cable tension.

Tensitron meters provide consistent, repeatable cable tension readings to ensure that the towers are not damaged by the wind and maximum solar power is generated to keep the towers operating with limited human interface.