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733 S. Bowen St., Longmont,
CO 80501


When Tension is Critical, Tensitron delivers

Tensitron, a KTC Instruments Company

TENSITRON is recognized as the industry leader for designing and manufacturing precision tension meterstension transducers, and custom tension measuring instrumentation. We’ve helped our customers achieve consistent, quantifiable quality control by providing accurate, reliable, and durable instruments since 1935.

For assistance in selecting the best tension measurement device for your company’s application, please contact us.

Tensitron services all of your Tensitron-manufactured instruments. We are the experts in keeping your Tensitron meters working well at a reasonable price. Click here for instructions on how to have your instrument(s) serviced. 

When tension is mission critical Tensitron tension meters help companies stay competitive and protect profits by providing accurate, reliable results so that they can deliver high-quality solutions that achieve maximum results.


Aircraft Cables
Cable and Wire Rope
Band & Web


Digital Strap Tension Meter

Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter


Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter



Band Tension



Cable and Wire Rope Digital Tension Meter



733 S. Bowen St.
Longmont, CO 80501

Tensitron Joins King Tester

Tensitron is now a part of King Tester Corporation. Both companies have been crafting quality instruments in the USA since the 1930s.


We are very pleased with the performance of the STX-1000-1. We never knew our strap tension varied so much until we got your device. It has enabled us to troubleshoot in areas previously never considered and allowed us to come up with solutions to get consistent strap tension. So thank you, Tensitron!!
Allan Harris, Red Stag Timber
Our OEM, Pilatus, recommended that we purchase the ACX-500-1 tension meter. This style of cable tension meter is far superior in use and accuracy over the old analogue tool.
Josh Hogan, Royal Flying Doctor Service - Australia
Timely delivery as promised was a huge bonus. Really saved us. Delivery of a fully charged, functional and ready to use instrument was paramount to complete our task upon retrieval of the device. We were using the tensiometer within 15 minutes of picking up the device from the delivery location. The device’s easy reading capabilities and installation procedure provided an accurate measure of the data we were looking to obtain.
Matthew Corish, Kiewit – Covepoint
Thank you for the exceptional service and courtesy – it’s not often we find this level in business any more.
Pat Johnston, Fromm Packaging Systems Africa
I received the LX-Series gauge today and absolutely love it! It is well built, a nice size. You have provided it in a great case and allowed for all the different plug options for different voltages, etc. Pass my compliments on to your guys in engineering.
Jeremy W., Senstar Stellar Corp.
We used a Tensitron WC-Series sheet and web tension meter on our one-of-a-kind web offset press. If we hadn't had the WC we would've had so much scrap that our operation wouldn't have been successful.
Larry B., Rock-Tenn
The meter works wonderfully! Thank you for your help!
Charouny C., Web Industries
I only wish the other vendors put forth half the effort that you at Tensitron do in keeping your customers informed and satisfied. Please thank everyone for a job that I feel was handled as professionally as any I’ve worked with.
George M., Optical Cable Corp.
I received the instrument this week and tried it out today. Everything looks good. It is nice to deal with a company that prides customer service. I wish every company that I dealt with was like you. Thank you!!
Peter Z.
Received the TX-5EDM –S today. I’m very impressed with the style and quality of the tension gauge and the storage/transport case. Thanks again for your help and quick delivery.
Don G., Kadant Inc.
I have to let you know, that everyone here loves the digital meters. They are working great for us and the operators are very pleased! Thanks again to you and all of the folks at Tensitron for your help.
Keith M., General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, Inc.
The Tensitron instruments are just what we needed to ensure all the retention straps had their proper preload.
Peter M., USA Spaceops
I just wanted you to know that the Model 208 came out of the FAA audit just fine. Everyone is pleased with the tension meter that you supplied us.
Mae W., Cessna Aircraft Co
I just received our Tensitron meter today and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. This is one of those rare instances when you’re satisfied with buying something even before you operate it. Fit and finish are excellent, right down to the case. I’m certain we’ll get a lot of service out of this unit, it’s quality and well worth the price.
John P., Saint-Gobain Container
Great Service! We will keep you in mind for future purchases
Doug L., General Manager Flight Options CGF

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