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Certifications & Traceability

Tensitron is fully certified and compliant.


Tensitron is the original manufacturer of its products. The practices Tensitron follows when servicing and calibrating its tension measurement instrumentation are consistent with both ISO 9001:2015 and ISOQS-9000 standards and requirements.

As an original equipment manufacturer, we design and manufacture precision instrumentation for measurement of tension in cables, straps, wires and filaments.

Additionally, as the OEM, we certify the instrumentation systems that we manufacture. This is consistent with the Quality System Requirements in QS-9000, Third Edition, paragraph 4.11.2.b.1. QS-9000, paragraph 4.11.2.b.1 “Calibration Services” contains the following note:

“Where a qualified laboratory does not exist for a given piece of equipment, calibration services may be performed by the original equipment manufacturer.”

In accordance with the above standards, Tensitron provides calibration and certification services to our customers so they can conform to ISO standards. To ensure compliance with the intent of Guide 25 and its replacement ISO/IEC FDIS 17025, all calibrations are performed according to documented internal procedures using standards that are fully traceable directly to NIST. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at 303-702-1980.


Personnel Training:

  • The Instrument Makers are the personnel that calibrate the instruments. They have been trained with written documentation as well as On the Job Training (OJT) and are certified annually to complete these tasks.

    Standards Used as Guidelines:

  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-17025

    Equipment Used and their Periodic Inspection and Calibration:

  • Weights: The calibration weights we use range in weight from zero to 4000 pounds. Their actual weight is certified by a third party every 5 years.
  • Cables: The cables used in the calibration process are inspected at least annually for dimensional tolerances according to MIL-DTL-83420M, TABLE 1. The measuring equipment used to measure and certify the cables is checked against traceable standards every 12 months. All cables that are found to be out of spec are immediately removed from the premises and replaced with cables that are measured within specification.
  • Tools used: All tools used that could affect the Calibration of the Instrument are periodically (annually) checked against a Standard. These tools include but are not limited to: Micrometers, Calipers, or any other measuring instrument that is required.
  • There are many other tools and equipment in the Lab that do not directly affect the Calibration of our Instruments.

    Tasks performed in the Lab:

  • Assemble new instruments.
  • Perform detailed inspection, evaluation, testing and repair of Tensitron instruments that have been returned for service by the customer.
  • Calibrate these new and used instruments according to the standards mentioned previously.
  • Perform Custom calibration as per the customer’s specific requests.
  • Maintain history logs of the instruments calibrated/sold.

  • ROHS & REACH Information

    Tensitron’s instrumentation is compliant to the RoHS EU Directive 2011/65/EU and the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and EU ROHS amendment 2015/863/EU.

    Battery Information

    All of Tensitron’s handheld digital tension meters use rechargeable NiMH batteries (nickel-metal hydride) and include power supplies which can take input voltages from 100-240V and include several, interchangeable adaptors allowing for use with US, European, Australian, and other plug configurations. Tensitron meters provide consistent, repeatable cable tension readings to ensure that the towers are not damaged by the wind and maximum solar power is generated to keep the towers operating with limited human interface.

    CE & FCC Certifications

    (Standards followed: CFR Title 47 & ICES-003)

    (Standards followed: EN 55011 & CISPR 11)

    (Standards followed: EN 61326-1)