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Tension Meters

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Band Tension Meter

Improve process control and production quality with the Tensitron BTX-1 tension meter. Measure the tension of narrow, flat materials, moving or stationary.

The BTX-1 is ideal for nylon straps, seat belts, narrow poly web, flat drive belts, small V belts (up to 1/8 inch stationary), wide tape, pallet securing straps, and more.

For stationary tie-down or ratchet straps up to 4 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick, use the STX-1 strap tension meter.

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- Quick, easy operation
- Lightweight, portable
- Durable construction
- Tension ranges from 1 lb. to 500 lb.
- Right or left hand operation
- Backlit, digital display with color-bar graphic
- Selectable units (lb., kg, or daN)
- Analog or serial output (optional)
- Custom rollers and calibrations available for other materials and diameters
- Includes carrying case and NIST-traceable calibration certificate

BTX digital tension meter