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Transducers - Web & Belt

Tensitron Meters & Gauges

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Remote Monitoring

Achieve continuous, measurable quality control with Tensitron transducers for webs and belts. Permanently mount the sensors and convert the tension to a reliable signal that can be output for remote display, high-speed recording, or automatic tension control.

Transducers can be customized for your specific material or environment. For example, we can change the roller type and dimensions, or incorporate your own rollers.

Shown below are some of Tensitron’s standard line of transducers which range from 1/10th gram to 500 lbs. Transducers can be customized to meet your needs.

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Small Space Transducer With 3 Rollers

Typical range = 5-5000 g.
P/N: E-415-003

Low Force Cell With Cylindrical Rollers

Typical range = 1-100 lb.
P/N: E-091-02

S Column Transducer

Typical range = 5-250 lb.
P/N: E-210-00

Cantilever Transducer

Typical range = 1-25 lb.
P/N: E-200-00

Single Roller Web Transducer

Typical range = 2-200 lb.
P/N: 4260

Notched Beam Transducer With Cylindrical Roller

For web applications from 25-250 lb.
P/N: E-095-04

Pillow Block Load Cell Transducer

Typical range = 25-1,000 lb.
P/N: E-202-00