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Whitney Blake Company

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Bellows Falls, VT


LX Meter

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Whitney Blake Company, located in Bellows Falls, VT, manufactures wires, cables and interconnect solutions. Founded in 1899, they have been designing and customizing solutions to precisely fit their customer’s needs. They have worked with some of the largest names in various industries: Consumer Electronics (Bose, Plantronics, Shure) Fire and Safety (Bosch Security Systems) Manufacturing (Diamond Power, Otto) Medicine and Healthcare (Welch Allyn, Carefusion) Military (the US Army)

Critical Tension

Whitney Blake deals with a variety of connection solutions on a daily basis. Since tension is critical when producing their high-quality wires and cables, the Tensitron TX-1 and LX-1 series tension meters are used on a daily basis throughout their wire and cable manufacturing facility. Tensitron has been the go-to company for Whitney Blake because of the reliability of their tension meters. Proper tension and tension balance are critical. If wires have too much tension, it will cause the inner wires to cut into each other and cause electrical shorts. On the other hand, under tensioning will allow for kinks and bulges in the wires once they are completed.

Tensitron Solution

The Tensitron LX-50-1 tension meter is utilized when producing larger wires. The process begins when the cooks twist the inner wires and other necessary components. There can be anywhere from 2 to 27 inners per wire. After they are wrapped together, the tension is tested. Once the proper tension is achieved, they go into the jacketing machine, which provides insulation and protection for the inner wires. When it comes to the Tensitron tension meters, precision is the most important feature to Whitney Blake. They rely on the LX-50-1 to consistently deliver so their completed products are top quality.

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Tensitron meters provide consistent, repeatable cable tension readings to ensure that the towers are not damaged by the wind and maximum solar power is generated to keep the towers operating with limited human interface.