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TENSITRON, INC. is recognized as the industry leader for designing and manufacturing precision tension meters, tension transducers, and custom tension measuring instrumentation. We've helped our customers achieve consistent, quantifiable quality control by providing accurate, reliable, and durable instruments since 1935. For assistance in selecting the best tension measurement device for your company's application, please contact us.

Aircraft Cable Tension Meters

Aircraft Cable Digital Tension Meters
Fine Wire & Filament Tension Meters
Fine Wire, Filament & Tape Digital Tension Meters
Tape & Flat Material Tension Meters
Flexible Heavier Wires & Tape Digital Tension Meters
Strap & Band Digital Meters
Strap & Band Digital Tension Meters
Cable Digital Meters

Flexible Cable Digital Tension Meters
Aircraft Cable Tension Meters
Aircraft Cable Mechanical Meters
Fine Wire & Filament Tension Meters

Fine Wire & Filament Mechanical Meters
Web Tension Meters
Web Tension Mechanical Meters
Mechanical Tension Meter for Strapping
Mechanical Strap Tension Meters
Cable & Guy Wire Tension Meters

Mechanical Cable Tension Meters
Tension Transducers
Tension Transducers
For Fibers & Filaments
Web Transducers
Web & Band Tension Transducers
Signal Conditioners
Signal Conditioners
Digital Force Gauges & Tensile Testing
Digital Force Gauges
& Tensile Testing
Belt & Band Tension Meters
Belt & Band Mechanical Tension Meters

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