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American Woodmark

STX Meter

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Winchester, VA


STX Meter

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American Woodmark Corporation (AWC) is one of the world’s largest cabinet manufacturers, headquartered in Winchester, VA. On average they produce an astounding 41,000 cabinets per day that spans more than 550 design packages.

Specializing in made-to-order and stock kitchen/bath cabinetry, AWC manufactures across multiple locations and ships directly to builders, distributors, and well-known names like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Because of their commitment to “do what is right, always”, AWC is a two-time recipient of the JD Power #1 in Customer Satisfaction Award. This can only be achieved by delivering products that result in satisfied customers.

Critical Tension

AWC needed a way to quantify the tension in the straps in order to create a standardized, dependable process that would ensure products were delivered securely. In the past, AWC would look at the attributes of the straps as their guide to determine if they were of sufficient quality to bind the cabinetry for shipping. However, they were receiving some negative feedback upon delivery. Customers expressed concern about the quality of the products because the straps were loose, worn and/or falling off when received. As a company that “never stops looking for new ways to innovate and improve [their] process”, AWC began their search for a solution.

Tensitron Solution

AWC had successfully utilized the Tensitron STX-1 tension meter at their headquarters and ultimately recommended the STX-1 to their other locations. The STX-1 tension meter allowed them to define a standard target tension for their straps. Once implemented, the quantified strap tension system along with increased technology in the strap machine, resolved the issue. The STX-1 allows AWC to reliably check the tension in the straps before their products are shipped, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.