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LX Meter

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BizLink, a global leader in interconnect solutions, is headquartered in Fremont, California with locations around the globe. Named Newsweek’s 2021 list of “America’s Most Responsible Companies” two years in a row, they have a reputation of developing high-speed solutions with outstanding design and reliable manufacturing capability. By always pushing the limits of interconnection, they are able to support industries that are environmentally conscious and improve quality of life through innovative products and services.

Critical Tension

As the most vertically integrated interconnect solution supplier with in-house manufacturing for key components, cables, wires, harnesses, connectors, and more, tension is key to their success. The process of manufacturing their cables involves using a twisting machine to tie the copper wires into a 4-6 core construction. Tension of the copper wires is critical in developing products that uphold their brand promise of the highest quality and reliability.

Tensitron Solution

BizLink purchased the LX-25-1 meter in the beginning of 2019 to check and verify the tension in the cable construction process. During the trial the meter was used to test the tension (lbs) on the cables that form the core (4 or 6 wire) at two stages. The first test was performed prior to the twisted cable core going into the die, and the second test was performed while the cable was in the twisting machine. Analyzing the meter results at these crucial stages, allowed BizLink to efficiently make necessary adjustments to ensure the required tension was met.

BizLink was so happy with the overall package of what the meter offered, that they have continued to use it in delivering the quality their clients expect. The easy-to-learn operation, and rugged look and feel of the LX-25-1 make it an ideal choice.

The LX comes in multiple models and can be used to test tension ranging from 5lbs to 500lbs. Each LX meter comes custom-calibrated to your material, which provides the most accurate tension readings.

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