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Climco Coil.


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TX Meter

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Climco Coil Company, located in Morrison, IL, produces custom electromagnetic coils, as well as coil assemblies that range from 30 to 18 gauge. They serve the automotive industry as well as other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. Climco provides extensive support to their customers, delivers high-quaility engineered coils, and works to lower the cost per product by automating their manufacturing process.

Critical Tension

The process that goes into each coil is comprehensive and tension is an important aspect when ensuring each coil is made properly. Before the Tensitron TX-5000-1 meters, they used analog tension meters to test the tension in their coils. But, with as many as 13 assembly lines running at one time each with a different gauge size, they needed more consistency. They had heard about Tensitron previously and decided to test out the TX tension meter.

Tensitron Solution

Climco purchased a TX-5000-1 meter in July 2018 and eventually bought six more as they saw the positive results. They use the meter to check the tension of the wires when being wound, ensuring accurate winding results. They use their seven meters as many as nine times per day over three shifts to test the tension in a range of 300g to 2500g.

The TX-5000-1 meters have now become a staple in the facility as they are able to ensure consistency in the tensioning of the coils, a critical factor in Climco’s success. They were able to take accuracy a step further by utilizing a master tension meter. This meter lets them verify the accuracy in their other meters and back them up if needed to continue producing consistent results. Climco also values the meter for being user-friendly and having the ability to customize each meter to the desired wire gauge size. With the continued all-around customer service provided by Tensitron, Climco can take care of any potential need for their meters in a timely manner.

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