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TX Meter

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Endicott Coil Company (ECC), located in Binghamton, NY, designs and produces custom magnetic coils, transformers, selenoids and more. While they focus on the industrial, medical, and aerospace industries, ECC serves a broad spectrum of industries. Producing over a million coils in a given year, each coil is designed for the customers’ individual application.

Critical Tension

ECC has been using Tensitron meters to check the tension of their wires for many years. The meter is most often used to test the tension of the magnet wire during the winding operations and is often the first tool that is used to verify setups when anomalies are encountered. Since there can be anywhere from 2 to 50,000 winds per coil after the process is complete, the monitoring of tension is critical to their ability to maintain control of important electrical characteristics and ensure long term product reliability.

Tensitron Solution

When ECC decided to update their tension meters, they looked directly to the partnership they have with Tensitron for a quality solution. For the upgrade, they purchased the TX-5000-1 and TX-125-1 tension meters, which allow them to test the tension on a range of wire diameters. They use the meters throughout the day to verify setups and adjust the tension quickly and effectively. The meters allow for a tighter and more controlled build process, which has resulted in more consistent and repeatable electrical characteristics, while reducing waste due to rework and scrap. ECC trusts the TX-1 series tension meters because they are easy to use and get the job done.

The TX-1 series can test tension on multiple types of wires, fiber optics, and filaments ranging from 0 to 5,000 grams. Its available in multiple models depending on material size and desired tension range.

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