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WX Meter

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Honeywell Intelligrated specializes in material handling technology for their customers. An important component of their systems are motors equipped with timing belts that drive conveyor modules on rolling assembly lines. Their conveyor solutions help retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers build efficient, high-performance automated distribution and fulfillment operations. In order for Honeywell Intelligrated to deliver maximum uptime, durability and ROI their timing belts need to be set at a specific tension range in order to prevent damage to the motor or the conveyor module.

Critical Tension

When timing belts are tensioned too tightly, they overload the drive motor and bearings that can cause premature failures in the motor or the rolling assemblies and expensive downtime. In the past, ways of measuring tension on their timing belts has varied from a finger to the use of a sonic tension meter. While sonic tension meters are more accurate than a finger test, there were problems using the sonic tension testers. Manufacturing and material handling environments are very noisy places. Sonic tension meters are extremely sensitive to noise and vibration. It was challenging to obtain accurate tension readings with equipment noise in the background, and operators struggled to achieve repeatable, consistent results. They needed a better solution.

Tensitron Solution

Honeywell Intelligrated relies on the WX-100-1 Tensitron tension meter, which provides consistent tension measurement with +/-2% accuracy. This tension meter uses a load cell, which eliminates interferences like equipment noise. The WX-100-1 allows operators to precisely, quickly, and easily test tension on the timing belts. In their application, the meter fits one way, avoiding operator error or inconsistencies. Ian Raun, Engineer at Honeywell Intelligrated Safety and Productivity Solutions, states that the WX-100-1 tension meter is a “good high quality, robust tool that provides repeatable results.” After extensive testing in their demonstration centers and at customer sites, Honeywell Intelligrated is making the WX-100-1 a part of their standard customer tool kit to use for testing tension on timing belts.