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PSA Airlines


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ACX Meter

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Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, PSA Airlines operates an all-jet fleet consisting of exclusively Bombardier regional jet aircraft. Their team executes more than 800 flights daily to nearly 100 destinations on behalf of American Airlines.

Critical Tension

PSA’s mission is to always deliver satisfied customers to their destination, safely and on time. To achieve this, they frequently check aircraft cables involved in the flight control system to ensure safety. By checking the tension of the aircraft cables in specific areas, they are able to verify they are within the required tension range.

Tensitron Solution

Tensitron ACX-500-1 tension meters are in use throughout nine PSA Airlines’ bases. The Norfolk, VA base has been using it regularly for many years to efficiently and accurately check critical tension areas, including rudder connection cables, aileron, and elevator. Accurate tension in these areas give PSA the confidence necessary to provide a safe flight. They also use the ACX-500-1 tension meter to test the wheel assist cable in the passenger door. PSA trusts this meter to verify the tension on their aircraft cables.

The spaces they use the ACX-500-1 in can be tight. The small size and portability of the meter allow it to be used with one hand while reaching in panels and around objects. The meter also gives PSA the ability to store a reading while in a difficult space. This allows them to view results afterward rather than having to read the display in an uncomfortable position. Other significant features of the ACX-500-1 tension meter that PSA appreciates are its ease of use, straightforward readout, and solid battery life.

The ACX-1 series tension meters test tension from 5 lbs. to 500 lbs. They also come with preset calibrations for many common aircraft cables. It is available in multiple models depending on the desired tension range and cable size. Custom calibrations are also available.