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STX Meter

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Kingspan is a global leader in insulation and building envelope solutions for high performance, low carbon buildings and they service more than 70 countries worldwide. As the worlds #1 manufacturer of metal panels and architectural panel systems, Kingspan is paving the road toward better technologies and methods of building for a low carbon world.

Critical Tension

When shipping their insulated panels, Kingspan uses corner protectors and stretch wrap to ensure they are secure. The noses of the panels were bending as a result of the straps being overloaded with too much tension. They decided to implement failure tests on the strapping to improve the process. Kingspan needed to figure out what tension was causing the issues and determine an ideal tension range. They looked to Tensitron to find a meter to consistently identify the ideal tension of the straps to ensure safe shipping.

Tensitron Solution

Kingspan now uses the STX-2000-1 tension meter with confidence. The STX-2000-1 meter allows them to test the tension values in the straps with accuracy. Kingspan was able to send their straps to the Tensitron team and have the STX-2000-1 meter calibrated directly to their needs. They have been able to go a step further by using the STX-2000-1 meter to help improve their overall packing design. With the assistance of the tension values they were able to determine the best material to use for their corner protectors. Kingspan appreciates the fact that the STX-2000-1 is portable, comes calibrated to their unique needs, and easy to use right from the start.

The STX-1 comes in multiple models and can be used to test tension ranging from 1lb to 2,000lbs. Each STX-1 tension meter comes calibrated to each clients specific need from our experienced technicians and has an accuracy of +/- 2%. They are durable, lightweight, and able to be used with one hand.

Tensitron meters provide consistent, repeatable cable tension readings to ensure that the towers are not damaged by the wind and maximum solar power is generated to keep the towers operating with limited human interface.