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Tension Tested Flights Make The Journey Safe and Sound

Tension testing of cables is an integral part of aviation maintenance. Cable control testing ensures the aircraft is at its top-notch performance.  


Keep aircraft flying safely with Tensitron aircraft tension meters. ACX and ACM meters play a vital role in cable tension testing in aviation maintenance. 


Why is tension testing a fundamental element in the aviation industry? 

Tension Testing is an essential step in mitigating airplane flight hazards. Flight control cables must be checked to ensure the aircraft maintains stability in the air. Cable tension needs adjustment to keep the dihedral angles correct to fly the aircraft even in turbulence.  


Why is aircraft maintenance needed, and what are the standards of aircraft maintenance? 

Aircraft components are constantly exposed to harsh environments with temperature changes and elements directly affecting the cable’s tension.   


According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, the following inspections are performed for all must take care of all aircraft for safety, quality, and airworthiness.

1.    Annual inspections – This inspection includes complete and comprehensive checks to be performed every 12 calendar months. 

2.    Graphical user interface Description automatically generated100-hour inspection – This inspection primarily applies to training flights, flight instructions, and aviation schools. 100-hour checks are also needed for compliance requirements under FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) 91.409.

3.    Preflight Assessment of the Aircraft – The preflight assessment aims to ensure that the airplane meets regulatory airworthiness standards and is in a safe mechanical condition before the flight. 

4.    Progressive inspection – This inspection includes everyday items such as engine oil changes and other components. 

All four inspections include the flight control cable inspection. 

Tensitron offers tension meters for testing aircraft cables. They are the fastest and easiest way to verify correct cable tension. Get your aircraft off the ground and into the air with maximum performance and safety and at minimum cost.

Get your aircraft off the ground and into the air

Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter  

Tensitron ACX aircraft tension meters are designed to quickly check the tension on aircraft cables from 1/16 in. to ¼ in., CWT cable sizes from 5 to 25, and metric cables from 2.0mm to 4.0mm.   

Analog Aircraft Cable Tension Meter  

Tensitron ACM aircraft tension meters quickly and easily verify proper cable tension. ACM meters are designed to measure flexible cables with diameters from 1/16” up to 1/4”, CWT cable sizes from 5 to 25, and tension from 5 to 600 pounds.


Calibrations for other cable sizes are available upon request. 

Diagram Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIn this digital world, Tensitron ACX tension meters are the most preferred meters for the Aviation industry.


Benefits of Cable Testing

  • Safety and stability
  • Testing is less expensive than repair
  • Periodic testing will prolong the life of the cable.


Tensitron tension meters are the best solution for testing the tension of cables in the Aviation Industry. Since 1936, Tensitron’s tension meters have been serving the aviation industry to maintain their safety and quality.  


Numerous airlines rely on Tensitron tension meters. PSA is one of our valued customers who use Tensitron for safety and quality purposes. 


Tensitron offers various ranges of meters to fit in multiple applications to ensure the quality and functionality of the application. Click here to know more.  

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