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Benefits of Tension Measurement in the Shipping Industry

How can the shipping industry keep products safe while in transit? Tensitron’s tension meter is the answer!

Tension meters are integral to maintaining safety and quality of product during shipping. No matter the type of cable, strap, or wire used to secure product, there needs to be a way to measure the appropriate tension to hold the goods in place—not too tight and not too loose. When the tension is loose, the product can shift, resulting in damage, and with the tension too tight, the product can be damaged from compression.

Tensitron’s tension meters measure the appropriate tension needed for safe and secure transit of products.

If you ship product and hold the product in place during transit, you need a Tensitron meter. 

Tensitron has a full line of tension meters to fit various industries’ specific needs and help ensure cables, straps, and wires are at the proper tension range. 

We can custom calibrate the tension meter to fit your needs (standard calibrations are also available). Best of all, our tension meters can accommodate 10 different calibrations on a single meter. All our meters are very reliable and easy to use.

Prior to the shipping product, knowing that the tension on the straps, cable, or wires is correct for the particular product will help minimize product loss and maintain the overall quality of the product.

Contact Tensitron today and see how tension testing can improve your safety and quality process!