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Is It Time To Recalibrate Your Meter?

Tensitron services all of your Tensitron-manufactured instruments. We have been the experts for over 80 years keeping your Tensitron tension meters working well at a reasonable price. Here are five things you need to know about recalibrating and servicing your tension meter:

  1. How often does your meter need to be recalibrated? Tension meters need to be recalibrated regularly to maintain accurate functioning. We recommend one-year intervals for this service. Certain factors such as:
    • Accuracy requirements
    • Requirements set by contract or regulation
    • Environmental factors (frequency and where your meter is used) may require service/recalibration more or less frequently.
    • If your instrument has damaged parts, received a sharp blow, been dropped, or been damaged in any way; it should be returned for service.
  2. Why choose Tensitron to recalibrate your instrument?
    • When you send your instrument to Tensitron for recalibration, your meter is serviced by the same experienced technicians who build the instruments. Our technicians have decades of experience building and servicing Tensitron tension meters.
    • You’ll receive the latest firmware and hardware updates. You may be able to recalibrate your instrument or have someone do it for you, but you will not receive firmware or hardware updates.
  3. What does recalibration of your instrument include?
    • Standard service includes checking function and accuracy, disassembling, cleaning, and recalibrating your instrument. A NIST-traceable certification is provided.
  4. How do you return a Tensitron meter for service?
    • ​​Complete this form and include it in the box with your instrument(s). No RMA number is required. Send your instruments to: Tensitron Service Department, 733 S. Bowen St., Longmont, CO 80501.
  5. What happens after you send an instrument for service?
    • ​​When your instrument arrives at our facility, it will be evaluated and a quote will be sent for your approval.
    • Once payment is arranged and your quote is approved, the instrument will be serviced within 5 to 10 business days.
    • When the instrument is ready to ship, we will send you the tracking number and invoice.

Trust your instruments to Tensitron for recalibration and service. We have been designing, manufacturing, updating, and servicing our tension meters since 1935. When your instruments are serviced by Tensitron, you’ll be assured that your instrument is ready to use and is working accurately.

Ready to send an instrument for service? Send the form on our services page in the box with your instrument to our facility at 2011 Ken Pratt Blvd. Suite 210,  Longmont, CO 80501. Questions? Email or call 303.702.1980.